Actually only points of light ...

... but creatively programmed micro-controllers can make dozens, hundreds, thousands of them light up in complex patterns.


"...Please Leave A Light On so we can find our way home" asked Alyn Smith, a Scottish Member of the European Parliament in 2019.
My contribution to an exhibition in Dunoon Burgh Hall in Dunoon/Scotland from 19 April to 5 May.

artists in motion

The stubborn clock

It knows the exact time, but refuses to display it.

Except briefly for 2 seconds every 5 minutes.


Different layers of an image come together to form ever new compositions.


Our social reality is complex, ambiguous, contradictory and occasionally full of nonsense. These objects are attempts to reflect this.
Digital technologies - in this case light-emitting diodes and freely programmable micro-controllers - open up new artistic possibilities that go beyond traditional craftsmanship.