Germany 2024

Rabbits stare at the snake, some Germans at the AfD ...

Babylon 2.0

Wording ... nonsense ... influencers ... lies ... narratives ...

Mindless text sketches mutate into advertising messages, magic formulas, political lies or whatever.

They provide the trigger points for disorientating waves of outrage in the desert of global chatter.

Some do not outlast the day, some claim eternal validity.

Technologically underpinned by the string statistics of so-called artificial "intelligence".

Our thinking is in danger of being channelled into system-compliant thought pipelines.

Your Enemy Is As Human As You

Black versus white, good versus evil, cause versus effect, humanity versus inhumanity ...

If we think in these terms, we will not find a way out of the dilemma of unresolved/unresolvable conflicts, never-ending wars and atrocities that keep surpassing each other.

They only herald a new round of the vicious circle.

A look in the mirror may trigger thoughts that help ... maybe ... I hope.


Wording and framing - they characterise the world of new narratives and yet are only manipulative technologies that limit and restrict the scope of possible thought patterns.